Pegasloth is a protest.

His story is best told via the following correspondence…

Pegasloth is free and open-source for all art/auto/sloth enthusiasts - not for use by any corporation.

Adhesive Art Print Set
from 15.00

A pair of Pegasloth art prints in premium vinyl.

Signed by the artist (Tyler Coey) on the back.

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Pegasloth Textile Art Print


Preorder for “1st RUN” edition this weekend only! Any “textile art prints” moving forward will not have the additional print on the bottom-right hem line.

From past experience, this should take 2 weeks for production and 1 week for shipping, but please allow flexibility to get the best product possible.

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Never Done would like to recognize the founding supporters of Pegasloth’s mission to assert artistic & enthusiast rights.

Support companies that jump at the opportunity to support you!